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Employability First

Unemployability is the curse. Unemployment is not.

Every year,two million graduates pass out, but only 50% get employed and hence we add the remaining lot to the ranks of the unemployed. As of Dec-2008, our estimate is that five million graduates are seeking their Right First Job. These 5 million graduates maybe termed as unemployed, but they are far from being unemployable. Honing one’s employ-ability skills could go a long way in helping one to secure the right job in the current economic scenario.

Taking note of the situation, TMI has decided to start a knowledge sharing platform which could benefit one and all.They came up with an idea of a blog, as it could be accessed by  anybody in the world and totally free of cost. They took up the initiative and started this blog and named it Employability First.

Employability First, an initiative from the TMI Group is India’s first Employability Blog to create awareness about employability for people from all walks of life.Though this blog is the initiative of the TMI group, it is meant to be for the people, by the people and of the people.

Hope you enjoy your time in our blog.


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