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Be an “Active Listener”

Active listening refers to focusing on, and understanding what the speaker is saying. If you are an active listener, you will easily be able to comprehend what the speaker is trying to say. If you want to become a good listener, you must practice active listening. In order to do this you must understand and pay complete attention to what the person is saying.

Don’t get distracted by your surroundings. The barriers to active listening can be external factors as well as internal factors. External factors could be noise, other people talking in your surroundings and internal factors can be thoughts that are going on in your mind.

To become an active listener, you must

  • Pay complete attention to what the speaker is saying
  • You must show that you are listening by participating in discussions and asking questions to the speaker
  • You must share your views
  • Never interrupt the speaker
  • Incase you are asked to answer a question by the speaker, respond to the him and answer

Ultimately it takes a lot of concentration to become a good listener. Be an active listener and become a better communicator.

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