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How the Telangana Crisis could dampen the prospects of Management Education in Hyderabad

In today’s Business Standard we have an interesting article, “Telangana’s row delays IIM-A’s Hyderabad Campus“. I wanted to express my opinion on How the Larger picture could impact the prospects of Hyderabad in Particular and the State at large.

An Excerpt from the Article:

IM Ahmedabad (IIM-A), which had agreed to set up a campus in the state, has not been able to start work due to the political uncertainty caused by the Telangana issue.

“The Andhra Pradesh government did offer us land to set up a campus in Hyderabad. However, ever since the political turmoil, things have been more or less at a status quo. We are now waiting for a revival in response from the government’s side. It’s not that we have dropped the plans altogether,” IIM-A Director Samir Barua told Business Standard.

Presently, if we have a look at it the kind of MBA colleges we have. On one side we have a global and a reputed school like ISB whose admission is based on  a very high GMAT score  and on the other end we have local colleges who admission is based on the ICET exam.ISB is currently ranked 12th in the business school rankings by Financial Times and on the other end we have all the other local colleges where appoximately more than 30,000 students get selected.The point is there is a very hug gap between ISB and the other colleges and we have to have reputed colleges like IIM-A  and IMT-Ghaziabad coming in to fill this gap which would make Hyderabad a potential hub for management studies.

The Huge Gap between ISB and the other colleges

The Huge Gap between ISB and the other colleges

If students and people of telangana have started an agitation and want to sacrifice their careers to achieve a separate state that is well and good but I wonder if a college like Osmania University has around 10,000 students and only around 500 of them want to actually sacrifice their career for this cause, do they really understand what kind of price the other 9500 students have to pay for it.

Most of these colleges like IIM-A  have expressed their dissent that they are not able to do something in the state due to the telangana agitation.It’s high time that they realize that this agitation is like a thorn in Hyderabad’s prospect which in turn dampens the prospects of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh at large.

What do you think ? Will the people of telangana settle for low quality b-schools or will they welcome the top schools in India?

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