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Learn to handle your mistakes

“To err is human” is a saying that is overused quite often. But it cannot be used as an excuse one makes a mistake. In an organisation there are many such cases when we commit mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes the circumstances may be outside of our control and sometimes it might be because of our own negligence. Once a mistake is made, there is no use crying or obsessing over it. There are a few things that one must do in order to limit the damage caused.

Accountability – The first step to redemption is to accept responsibility for your mistakes. Never try to justify your acts or push the blame onto someone else. Do not try to convince yourself that you were not at fault. You would only be deceiving yourself by doing so. Always offer a credible and truthful explanation.

Repent – One must acknowledge the damage done and apologise to any people that may have been offended/hurt. This helps limit the damage and clear up the mess. Show genuine remorse for what you have done, and look for ways to ways to redeem yourself in the eyes of your co-workers.

Learn from your mistakes – Get over the initial phase of denial. Once you have accepted your mistakes, its much easier to work on them. Look closely at your actions and figure out what went wrong. The mistake might have been avoidable or unavoidable. Look at the ways in which you could have handled the situation better. Get to the root of your problem so that you make sure you do not repeat your mistakes.

Bounce back – Its easy to obsess over whats done and wallow in self pity, but one must not get bogged down. Work with caution and responsibility. Do not live in the fear of making mistakes. They are just part of the learning curve. Everyone makes mistakes but the key is to learn from them. Strive to bounce back from your mistakes and emerge as a better professional.

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