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Stages of an interview

Generally, an interview can be divided into three (3) stages.

  • Introduction
  • Q&A )Question & Answer)
    • Interviewer’s phase
    • Interviewee’s phase.
  • Closure

Let’s look into what happens actually in these phases.

Introduction phase
This is the initial and most important phase in an interview where  interviewer and interviewee greet each other.

This is the time the you should show your confidence.

When shaking hands with the interviewer, you should always give a firm handshake. Look into the eyes of the interviewer but be careful. Dont stare and make the other person feel uncomfortable as this can create a bad impression. Be proactive.

Question & Answer phase

Interviewer’s phase
During this phase, the employer asks questions about you, your education, work experience if any, your ambitions and much more. The key is to answer with confidence. If you do not know the answer to any question, please be honest in accepting that you do not know the answer rather than beating around the bush.

Interviewee’s phase
This is the time you should ask questions to the interviewer about the organization. Before going for an interview it is very essential for you to do a research about the organisation that you wish to join.

Closure phase
This is the last but important stage of an interview. Always ask for a business card if you have not received one.Ask them what would be the next step and who would inform you about the same. Ask them if they want you to do a follow up. Before leaving the room, thank the interviewer for his time and shake hands with him again.

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