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The Real Lessons from the 3 Idiots!!!

The Real lessons

Dont take life too seriously, life does not feel the same  about you

3 Idiots

Do not serve somebody elses’ dish, you will never know what you are serving! Being a Chatur Ramalingam will really not work in the long term. So don’t try to serve other’s Dish to impress people.


Stick to what you believe in at the present moment, its OK to change a decision, atleast you have a decision you can change!


Do not impose your lives template on everyone elses life, someday someone will try the same with you.


Customers and Clients are like women and  to make them fall in love  you have to always  have  a  Demo ready .  Status quo is boring.


Friends are what you take away from your campus days, everything else stays behind.


Being  Appropriate is always better than being right or wrong.Getting Things Done is more important than getting it done the right way, A scooty is good enough when an ambulance is missing.

Poverty is depressing, enjoy the Roti, Paneer & Bhindi bit.
Simplify… its the beginning of inclusiveness.

Did you see the movie? Please feel free to add to this list.

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5 Responses

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  1. Priyanka D says

    :) really loved that movie!

    • Aditya Nishtala says

      It was absolute fun..what do you think is the best take away from the movie?

  2. indira shukla says

    the best message the movie gave was ‘to follow one’s dreams’. it’s a happy sign that indians are gradually opening up to the idea of choosing offbeat careers and venturing into new fields but i think there is still loads of work to be done in terms of changing the mindset of people and i believe that only media and films can help do this. i think one or two good films like 3 idiots will change the thinking of those stubborn parents who still push their children into doing what is “accepted” by everyone!

  3. John Hamlen says

    A great film with – as you point out – many lessons with an “employability” theme.
    Here in the UK it has become something of a crossover hit (Bollywoood to UK Mainstream). We are recommending it to all over our employability students at Simply Business Skills.
    It’s not the subject you take, it’s the person you are/become.
    Thanks for a great blog

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