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The Skills, Attributes and Qualities of an Engineer

Skills, attributes and qualities that are thought necessary to enable the engineer to practice

effectively in a professional manner.

Knowledge & Understanding

A Graduating Engineer should be able to demonstrate:

• Specialist (Discipline) knowledge

• Understanding of external constraints

• Business and Management techniques

• Understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities

• Understanding of the impact of engineering solutions on society

• Awareness of relevant contemporary issues

Intellectual Abilities

A Graduating Engineer should be able to demonstrate:

• The ability to solve engineering problems, design systems etc. through creative and innovative thinking

• The ability to apply mathematical, scientific and technological tools

• The ability to analyse and interpret data and, when necessary, design experiments to gain new data

• The ability to maintain a sound theoretical approach in enabling the introduction of new technology

• The ability to apply professional judgement, balancing issues of costs, benefits, safety, quality etc.

• The ability to assess and manage risks

Practical Skills

A Graduating Engineer should be able to:

• Use a wide range of tools, techniques, and equipment (including software) appropriate to their specific discipline

• Use laboratory and workshop equipment to generate valuable data

• Develop, promote and apply safe systems of work

General Transferable Skills

A Graduating Engineer should be able to:

• Communicate effectively, using both written and oral methods

• Use Information Technology effectively

• Manage resources and time

• Work in a multi-disciplinary team

• Undertake lifelong learning for continuing professional development


A Graduating Engineer should be:

• Creative, particularly in the design process

• Analytical in the formulation and solutions of problems

• Innovative, in the solution of engineering problems

• Self-motivated,

• Independent of mind, with intellectual integrity, particularly in respect of ethical issues

• Enthusiastic, in the application of their knowledge, understanding and skills in pursuit of the practice of engineering

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