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Tips for Turning an Internship into a Full-Time Job Offer

Taking that first step on the path to a career in accounting by working as a student intern is an exciting experience for aspiring professionals ‒ an opportunity to gain self-knowledge and a sense of what lies ahead.

  • The single most important step is to look for a company that values interns and has a high rate of converting them to full-time employees. Pursue an organization that understands internship programs can help build its next generation of leaders.
  • Relationships matter. Don’t just make friends, earn advocates. You want people you have worked with to say, “We really want her back.” The best way to build these relationships is through great work.
  • Attitude determines altitude. No matter what you’re asked to do, show that you have a positive attitude. During any internship, you’re going to get administrative tasks, so why not complete them with a smile?
  • Don’t ever give up. Even if you don’t get an offer, stay in touch. At a later time, a firm may be in a position to give you an offer. Regardless of the situation, don’t burn any bridges. Be professional and courteous when declining an offer. You never know when your path may cross with the recruiter’s again.
  • Be professional and courteous if you turn down a job offer. You might cross paths with the same recruiter down the road, so don’t burn any bridges.

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