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Unemployability is a curse- An Open Letter


“Unemployability is a curse.Unemployment is not”.

Welcome to the “Employability First” blog – where you can acquire knowledge, develop your employability skills, and get empowered to find your first right job. We invite all those who care for employees to add their bit to make this blog “comprehensive”. Let me begin by stating that “I am employed but do not hold this against me”.

Every year,two million graduates pass out, but only 50% get employed and hence we add the remaining lot to the ranks of the unemployed. As of Dec-2008, my estimate is that five million graduates are seeking their Right First Job. These 5 million graduates maybe termed as unemployed, but they are far from being unemployable. Honing one’s employ-ability skills could go a long way in helping one to secure the right job in the current economic scenario.

You may be unemployed but not unemployable. There is a world of difference between the two.”Unemployable” means that you have neither the skills nor the attitude to be gainfully employed. “Unemployed” means that you have the right skill set and the attitude, but, you are yet to find the right first job.If you haven’t found the right job yet, do not feel disheartened or dejected. Instead, focus on homing your employ-ability skills. This involves developing employ-ability skills such as inter-personal skills and developing leadership abilities. Also work on your organisational abilities and practice to work efficiently in a team. Most importantly, remember that learning is a continuous process and acquiring a wide range of skill-sets should be a continuous process too . Acquiring these skills, ensures that you increase your value in the market and better your chances of finding the right job.

In the current economic scenario, a lot of employees find themselves living in the constant fear of being laid off. Working on your skill set and cultivating the right attitude can be a big step towards ensuring that you prove invaluable to your employer. This proves that shaping up one’s employ-ability skills also holds good for the employed.

By getting the first right job,not only you will be rewarded with money and self respect you would also be satisfied and happy with your job.Don’t wait for the right job to come to you. Go out there and find it. Initially,Amitabh Bachchan and many other Hindi film actors spoke of “ill treatment” and “rejection” at the hands of the Bombay Film Industry.But,one day the ‘break’ came for Amitabh Bachchan. It was a movie called “ZANJEER” through which he achieved stardom. The same film industry which rejected him queued up to sign him, and are still doing so 30 years after his first break. So the first break comes because you go and find it. My big break came when I got into IIT in 1974. I prepared for the JEE exam and wrote it to the best of my ability. The gain of getting an IIT admission, was far more than the pain. So you too can make it.

Hope this blog helps you in finding you your first right job. We would bring in lots of featured articles ,videos, statistics, visuals , skill tests and other resources pertaining to Employability in this blog.Please feel free to share your thoughts and contribute to this blog.


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